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Timeflex - Stick On Watch

Non permanent, self-gumming watch aotimeflexa designed for using in situations when individual time control is necessary, but personal watch is difficult to access (swimming, sunbathing, working in laboratory, during going in for sports) & other situations where man uses working clothe. You can just stick it on your clothe or skin and use until you need. After that you can throw it away. It is a conceptual project based on flexible screen technology. aoTimeflexa can be bend and rolled as a paper. The menu can be controlled by touchscreen technology, the energy will be supplied by small super batteries, located in a thin layer of the watch. In the nearest future such technology will be popular and not expensive.



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Time Doesn’t Have To Be That Accurate

This is for all those people that never give you the exact time when you ask them. Face it, most of us do it. When we look at an analog clock, we don’t think 6:22, we think 6:20. Rounding off seems to be the fastest way to read time sans a digital watch.

The Spinning Time concept is a bracelet encircled with an LCD screen that doesn’t give you the exact minutes or seconds of time. Just imagine a ruler without all the millimeter markers on it. All you get is the hour and the minutes rounded off to tenths. This “watch” also has a unique reminder feature built-in, a metaphor for the “string around your finger”, you simply highlight a block in time to remind you of something you have to do.




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Erase Your Carbon Footprints Completely

Carbon Dioxide Scrubber is a device researched by David Keith and his team. The system looks at capturing CO2 directly from the air and making it cleaner. Not completely devoid of shortcomings, the technology of reducing diffused emissions has the skeptics on the fence. Here is a concept that looks at that addressing the issue of an individual doing his bit for the environment. The eCO2 is a personal scrubber that tries to erase the personal carbon footprint of the individual.

The question here is not whether the eCO2 concept is realistic or not. Instead, let us see what all it tries to do, to make us more responsible citizens of this planet. Fashioned as an athletic wristwatch it uses kinetic energy as a clean power source. Although it does function as a regular watch, it also constantly keeps pulling in air through the intake vents collecting CO2, and expels new clean air via the exhaust vents. A step in the right direction for an individual, the eCO2 has the potential to make a powerful impact if worn collectively. Now only if somehow we could balance out the pros and the cons of a carbon dioxide scrubber.




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Dual touch touchscreen led watch responds to your fingertip

These cool new watches from Japan are the first LED timepieces I’ve seen that feature a touch-sensitive display.


The Dual Touch LED watch has a display that can react to your touch. In finger trace mode, the LEDs under your digits follow your exact movements.


The other cool thing about the Dual Touch is that each one features a unique dual-color LED matrix that can change colors with a simple swipe of your finger. There’s a blue/green combo, a red/green, red/blue, orange/green and orange/blue duos too. Each Dual Touch watch comes in a slick modern stainless steel (silver or black color) case, and is protected by a durable mineral glass crystal.


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The F1/Carbon GMT is inspired by F1 racing and is constructed of carbon fiber, Swarovski crystal, rubber and metal. Also unique to this timepiece is the 18 identical rubies that tells the time in everyone of the 18 cities on the 2008 F1 circuit.


Designed by John Pszeniczny

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