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Dee & Ricky x Casio G-Shock GA-110


Didn’t quite get enough of Casio G-Shock collaboration action from G-Shock and IN4MATION’s latest venture, and would like something a little more playful added to the G-Shock’s tough side? G-Shock and LEGO accessories making twins Dee & Ricky have partnered up to bring a little childhood nostalgia into the rather grown-up mix of all-resistance. The duo’s collaboration is based on G-Shock’s analog/digital mode, the GA-110 and this is also the first time the GA-110 has been used in a joint partnership.

While one might have expected something a little more flamboyant and wild from Dee & Ricky, who are known for their tendency for ostentatious play and boundless imagination, the watch is surprisingly, just the right balance of color, fun and cool subtlety. Instead of going from outrageous shapes, the duo decided to draw inspiration from the building blocks of their eponymous label, and rework components of the watch in LEGO shades and shapes. Primary colors that we are used to from LEGO? Check. The dotty LEGO grooves? Check. Dee & Ricky logo on strap and engraved on back? Double check.

The Dee & Ricky x Casio G-Shock GA-110 has just been unveiled at jewelry and watch trade show, JCK, in Las Vegas today, and will be hitting stores very soon, priced at $130 per piece. Take a first look and stay tuned for more news to come!


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Casio G-Shock: Master of G - FROGMAN Series


From the Master of G Series of function packed timepieces, this GWF-1000 FROGMAN special color model comes equipped with radio-controlled atomic timekeeping backed up by outstanding water resistance.
The yellow gold ion-plated finish of the front screws and side buttons create a striking contrast with the matte black body of the watch.
The diamond-like carbon (DLC) finish of the case and back cover provides both outstanding wear resistance and a cool look.
This special FROGMAN model represents the very best in both new technology and elegant design, and comes in a limited-edition package that identifies it as a special model.

  • MULTIBAND 6 reception of six time calibration signals: Japan (2), United States, Germany, England, China
  • Tough Solar eliminates the need for battery replacement.
  • ISO 200-meter water resistance



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Casio Baby-G: CASKET, Analog-Digital Combi. Series BGA-200

BGA-200-1E, BGA-200-2E, BGA-200-3E,  BGA-200-4E,  BGA-200-7E



These new analog-digital combination models are the latest additions to the tough and cute Baby-G lineup.
These models come in a choice of five colors that are done to a lustrous finish. Attractive monotone designs are created by altering the tones of the base color. Rib lines in the bezel help to provide more protection, while providing a distinctive design accent.
The digital display window in the upper right corner of the face shows a graphic G symbol for a playful touch.
the colors and designs of these new Baby-G make them as much fashion accessories as timepieces.

1/100-second stopwatch 
 Measuring capacity: 59′59.99″
Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times 
12/24-hour format 
Accuracy: ±30 seconds per month 
Approx. battery life 
2 years on SR726W x 2 
Full auto-calendar (to year 2099) 
Button operation tone on/off 
Countdown timer 
Measuring unit: 1 second
Input range: 1 minute to 24 hours(1-minute increments and 1-hour increments) 
Daily alarm 
Hourly time signal 
LED light 
Regular timekeeping 
Analog: 2 hands (Hour, minute (hand moves every 20 seconds))
Digital: Hour, minute, second, pm, day, day of the week
   Shock resistant
   World Time
  29 time zones (48 cities + coordinated universal time), city code display, daylight saving on/off
   Size of case / total weight
  BGA-200…… 43.2 X 36.0 X 12.8 mm / 41 g

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Black & White Clock


Digital clock: only figures, no case, only the necessary – only accurate time. Each figure has self-contained power supply and independent control, it can be fixed to any surface autonomously. A light sensor will switch the clock to an invert mode: the figures are white in the dark time of day and black at daytime.

Design: Vadim Kibardin

Size of one figure: 60 mm x 110 mm x 10mm

Colour: translucent white

Materials: polycarbonate, luminous part of figure - Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED)

Power-supply: lithium-ion accumulators

Control (choice of mode and time settings): touch-sensitive

Status: manufacture and pre-sale preparation


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Casio G-Shock: Gravity Defier Series GW-3000BD-1A, GW-3000B-1A, GW-3000D-1A


Gravity Defier

From C-SHOCK! Introducing a new collection of aviation concept watches designed to defy high G forces. A 1/100-second stopwatch keeps accurate time even under the stresses of high G’s that occur during air racing. The dual-layer face creates a dramatic three-dimensional effect for the three dials. The large face is carefully laid out to provide the look and readability of an aircraft instrument panel. Large metal side buttons are designed and engineered for ease of operation. At the same time, buttons are enclosed by protectors that protect against damage and accidental operation. Bands are fastened on both ends with stainless steel screws for plenty of durability. All this plus a Tough Solar power system and MULTlBA D 6 radio-controlled timekeeping capable of pi king up the time calibration signals of six different transmitters around the world.

  • MULTIBAND 6 reception of six time calibration signals: Japan (2), United States, Germany, England, China
  • Powered by light for a lifetime of use without changing a battery.



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Billionaire Boys Club x Turnbull & Asser


Made in England with a stamp of approval from the British royal family, Turnbull & Asser has been in the bespoke tailoring business since 1885, and its quality and experience is incomparable. Aside from being the official appointed shirt maker for the Prince of Wales, the heritage clothiers have outfitted some of history’s most important figures such as Sir Winston Churchill, and of course, Prince of Wales himself. Unlike other shirt makers, Turnbull & Asser is one of the few clothiers with significant presence in the fictional world as well, having been a favorite of James Bond (yes, Britain’s most lethal weapon) and Jay Gatsby (from The Great Gatsby). Billionaire Boys Club have tapped into the expertise and heritage of Turnbull & Asser this season by engaging the clothiers to tailor and co-produce a shirt. The regular fit button down features Turnbull & Asser’s fine craftsmanship and tailoring and is updated with BBC’s whimsical sense of urban humor. On the blue-striped button down, a small embroidered jet logo sails across the stripes and a graphic watch is printed over the left sleeve above the cuffs.

With a dose of BBC’s youthful energy, this shirt will have you blend into a pub, a slightly pretentious hotel lounge or even a dive bar while feeling like a king everywhere you go.

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b Store x Baby-G – “Print” Baby-G & T-Shirt Selfridges Exclusive Collection | Event Recap

b-store-baby-g-all1Baby-G goes from shock-resisting cute to luxury in its latest collaboration with b Store. This collaboration, “Print” is a directional collaboration curated by b Store, who had linked Baby-G up with several designers, Peter Jensen, Natascha Stolle, Sophie Hume and Complex Geometries. “Print” collection comes in a pack of a Baby-G watch and a specially designed t-shirt, and is available exclusively to Selfridges.

This collaboration features some of the most talked about designers in the contemporary fashion world, and each designer translated their signature motifs and design aesthetics onto the Baby-G canvas. For instance, Peter Jensen incorporated his iconic bunnies into a cool, hip design for the time piece. Meanwhile, Clayton Evan’s directional label, Complex Geometries, dressed the Baby-G in images of digital waves to reflect the coveted notion of perpetual leisure, and in Evans’s own words, the watch is like “a souvenir from an impossible vacation at an implausible resort”. Natascha Stolle, the darling of the fashion east, applied her tongue-in-cheek approach to luxury textile by dressing her Baby-G in a googly-eye motif that plays with the concept of trompe l’oeil. Last but not least, Sophie Hume adopted a charming print of Muybridge in the 1800s and incorporated graphics of a running and jumping man to create a feeling of motion.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion x Casio G-Shock – Limited Edition GA-110EV-6AJR + GA-110PS-7AJR Watch


When it debuted in 1995, Neon Genesis Evangelion pushed the envelope of what were acceptable subjects, at least in the context of animated genre. While its baseline plot were ones of familiarity: adolescent angst, post-apocalyptic society, giant mecha, and etc… The series enmeshed controversial subjects dealt rarely, even on live-action dramas. The issues of genetic engineering, incest, cult, and cloning, all presented themselves as characters descended into the bedlam of human psyche.

In conjunction to the release of special edition DVD & Blu-Ray box set of this game changing anime series, Casio G-Shock designed 2 limited edition GA-110 watches. One featured the “plug suit” colorways of Rei Ayanami, the fragile female lead with an enigmatic personality. The other is based on the Evangelion Unit 01, a purple mecha unit piloted by the naïve Shinji Ikari. In addition to the special colorways, both featured all the technical convenience found on a G-Shock timepiece. Scheduled to launch during August of this year, the Neon Genesis Evangelion x Casio G-Shock Limited Edition are available for pre-release order on Yahoo! Japan’s Evangelion microsite.



BAPE x Casio G-Shock | BAPE CAMOCOLLAGE 2010 Release


As Japan celebrates its national Golden Week, BAPE is not taking a vacation in Hawaii like most Japanese, but has geared up with a week full of events, exhibitions, special workshops all over the country, both for the week and in celebration of BAPE’s 17th Anniversary. First there’s NIGOLDEN Store, then there’s the BAPE CAMOCOLLAGE 2010 Exhibition, and then there’s NIGO’s Workshop, where NIGO will be silk-screening BAPE Ape head’s onto tees. In conjunction with the BAPE CAMOCOLLAGE Exhibition, BAPE is reviving one of its most popular collaborative projects– the BAPE x G-Shock release.

This time around, the BAPE x G-Shock watch is rendered in an iridescent purple, and it comes marked with playful branding details such as “Go! Ape” on the watch face and an Ape head graphic featured on the backlight. The collaborative BAPE x G-Shock watch will be released at BAPEXCLUSIVE, BAPE Store, Web Store, BAPE Kids and Isetan Shinjuku on April 29. So for those who can’t make it out to BAPE’s Golden Week festivities, you can still order your royal purple shock-resistant number online.

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