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Unique watch – Dewitt Incognito

Dewitt Incognito 2008 is a unique watchmaking concept developed with contributing of DeWitt and Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Watch received strong bidding from the beginning (100,000 Euros) and was sold for 400,000 Euro or $630,000. From technical point of view the watch is just amazing justifying the price. It comes with a flying tourbillon regulator, which keeps the watch accurate. There are also five barrels and has a power reserve that lasts up to three weeks. The structure of the watch is made from a lithium-aluminium alloy, and is framed by a spectacular exterior crafted from equally unique materials introducing the completely innovative design of the model.





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Vulcania Concept Watch by HD3


A former concept watch called the Vulcania has become flesh and bone. Designed by Fabrice Gonet for the three year old brand HD3 Complication. A trio-collective started by Jorg Hysek where he, Gonet and Valerie Ursenbacher design watches from their wildest imaginations.

The Vulcania name derives from the Jules Verne Steampunk hero, Captain Nemo and the island which was his home port. Like many of his contemporaries, Gonet has deconstructed the watch with its functions in a deeply set three-dimensional display, separating each gauge as a tribute to vintage naval technology both fictional (Nautilus) and fact (Turn-of-the-century mechanical submarines).


The hours are determined from the rotating wheel cylinders on the left, the minutes on a disc like a ship’s Chadburn Telegraph, a sextant style power reserve indicator, porthole loupe date window, and highlighted by the tilted bi-axial tourbillon. All the watch functions can be seen through its front and rear sapphire glass panels, side-viewing porthole, and the back plate has an etched map with its coordinates engraved on it. The case is titanium and platinum.



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World’s Largest Wristbound Curve

When you’ve got a watch on your wrist, you’re constantly saying something about yourself. That’s changed since the beginning of watches. When wrist watches were first invented, you definitely said something about your identity when you wore one. Then there was a long period when everyone had one – it was standard to have one. Now, in this age of pocket-sitting clocks on mobile phones, again the age of wrist clock fashion is born. Curve ID knows this.

What Curve ID presents here is two different wrist watches, both of them for the NIKE corporation. You’ll see the lighter-gray watch that goes by then name Triax Mia, very sassy, then there’s the Vapor 300 which boasts the market’s largest curved LED screen. How about that?



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Best Of Machine And Digital

The Mechanized Digital Watch features a digital font but manipulates it to function as a “mechanized” number because the elements of each digit physically move to create numbers. Every digit is composed of 7 panels and to create a number, panels on the watch face recess revealing contrasting sidewalls. Thus creating the outline of a digit and a whole lot of fun!






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Obsession With Sputnik!

Sputnik on Yanko Design has a deeper meaning than just the space satellite. Hit the “Sputnik” button and you’ll find two lamps and a projector already featured here. This time around our quest for the name takes us to the doors of Kibardindesign Studio, who have designed the namesake watch. Giving a new look to the classic digital watch, this funky version allows you to accessorize in a myriad of hues. Fancy one of these? You’re in luck coz they are open for pre-orders!

Size: 40 x 40 x 10mm/Band Width: 30mm
Color: Black, White, Silver and 16 bright colors
Water Resistance: 3ATM
Functions: Alarm, Chronograph, Date, Time
Battery: CR2016 Battery (3.0VDC Operating Voltage)
Module: 32,768Hertz Quartz Crystal Oscillation Frequency
Display: TDF LCD Display
Electroluminescent(EL): Backlight (with Auto – EL option)
Case Material: ABS plastic
Case Back: ABS plastic /Screw In
Wristband: Silicone and ABS plastic buckle



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It’s Zip Up Time

The Zipper Bracelet Watch is just that, of course there is no watch face; otherwise why would it be here on YD! This concept is a wide leather bracelet where the zips actually display the current time when you hit the central buttons on the wrist. Each zip displays a digit, which you are supposed to combine together to read the time. Sounds confusing right now, but hit the jump to see what I mean. Definitely easier than a Tokyo Flash!



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No Scratch Watch

This cool concept watch by designer Allan George is basically aimed at the youth who like to wear trendy fashion, but maybe rough with it. Although latest scratch-proof glass materials are used in Omega, Rolex and ilk, but not all brands use this for their entire collection. And a watch with scratches on its glass looks so lame! Allan’s concept simple does away with the glass face and replaces it with a plastic-rubber finish. The colored hands peep out, behind a transparent rim, giving the watch a trendy and easy look!




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