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This is a Watch, Believe it or Not

Despite the maker describing it as a “Horological Machine” and the thing looking like a miniature airplane that the dog got at, the MB&F HM4 Thunderbird is for telling the time with. It is a watch.

The left cylinder tells you how much power remains in its kinetic charger, while the right one tells you the time—in a surprisingly readable format, unlike some other high-concept nonsense we could mention.

Here’s the full press release. It’s a work of art in itself, and any press release that uses the word “transcendental ” deserves the honor of being reproduced in full.


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The Mutewatch Begs to be Touched

We’ve seen high-concept watches  that are interesting, but the inevitable realization dawns that it takes ten minutes and vector calculus just to figure out what time it is. Mutewatch is different, its touch-based design actually makes it more…useful.

Gone are the days of trying to remember which buttons to press; the Mutewatch uses a simple swipe interface to activate the screen and toggle through alarm, timer, and clock functions. The alarm vibrates rather than creating a loud ruckus and is deactivated by pinching the watch. Pre-orders are available now in white, gray or red color options for €19 (~$25), which will be deducted from the full €199 (~$260) price when it ships


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Tokyo Flash’s “Night Vision” Watch Might Be Their Most Readable Yet

There are just 26 days left for people to vote on whether the Night Vision  concept watch should be put into production. I vote YES, if only because it’s their easiest-reading yet. Don’t believe me? Check it out:

Admittedly, at first I thought the 12 bars around the perimeter disappeared, depending on the hour. So, if it was 4 o’clock, only four bars would be visible. But then, I looked closer—and saw that actually, each bar around the edge corresponds to the location on an ordinary analogue clock. So, in this case, it’s 3 o’clock—and the minutes are spelled out in the middle, in digital form.

So far, it has a rating of 4.3 out of 5, so there’s a very good chance Tokyo Flash will create it. Still—best to cast your vote to help it along, anyway



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Gridlock Concept Watch Not as Complicated as It Looks

With an face that seems ripped right out of Star Trek’s LCARS, you’d think the Gridlock is yet another Tokyoflash watch that’s nigh-impossible to read, but you’d be wrong. It’s actually quite simple once you figure out the hook.

The face is divided into two sections: the circle-like part and the box-filled matrix. The circle is the hour, and is displayed just like an analog watch. The matrix is split vertically, with the two halves showing minutes. See? Simple:



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Concept watches for ODM shown off

Michael Young designed some concept watches for ODM. The reverse watches look pretty and weird at the same time because you can’t really tell the time with one look.

The watches have got no hands just some backlight on the side.

Watches are available in different colors black, gray, olive green, and coral red.


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Casio G-SHOCK 2010 August Watches

CASIO G-SHOCK update their incoming line of watches for the month of August, 2010. Some pre-existing themes have been re-introduced including a “Matte Black Red Eye” pack seen over less popular styles, the AW-591ML-1AJF and the G-300ML-1AJF. Two tonal “Crazy Colors” DW-6900s also enter August’s release scheme, represented by blue and red colors.



Neon Genesis Evangelion x G-Shock GA-110

Never expect GA-110 will be made in this way, a collaboration of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Casio is really doing something this year to make all new models appealing. All fans must be alert and get ready to get your hands on one of these.




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Casio G-Shock MAN BOX GA-110F-2JR is very colorful

Casio launches this colorful G-Shock MAN BOX GA-110F-2JR in Japan. The watch is shock resistant and waterproof. It offers World Time of 48 world cities, stop watch, alarm clock, timer and 12/24 hour display functions.

The GA-110F-2JR comes with a G-Shock MAN figure and is priced at 19500 Yen.



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