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This Beautiful Tokyo Flash Watch Was Designed by a 14-Year-Old

Kids. If they’re not making a million bucks before they’re 16, they’re building web design companies or showing us adults up some other way. Like designing really cool Tokyo Flash watches at the age of 14.

It’s one of the most basic creations submitted to Tokyo Flash’s competition, and YOU can decide whether it gets made. There are 26 days left remaining to vote on its future—so if you like what you see, please do grant the Canadian Tynan Mayhew a thumb’s up.


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Casio G-Shock – Fall/Winter 2010 | Preview

An interesting tidbit– for those who think collecting watches usually mean seeking out luxury timepieces with a price tag of ten grand and up, think again. As many are probably unaware, except for the aficionados of course, G-Shock has its following of suitors and avid collectors. And on the same note of loyalty and brand popularity, G-Shock has more than doubled its sales since 2008 (remember the horrifying economic crash in 2008 which we are still trying to recover from?) and is currently the number one selling watch brand in the world– for good reasons too. Seriously? A watch that not only tells time, is practically indestructible, in come cases can tell you about the workings of the universe (with the moon and tide graph), self calibrates and self-charges? What’s not to like?

For Fall/Winter 2010, the tale of shock-resistance continues into a new chapter with fresh models and colorways. Aside from new collaborations with Stevie Williams’ skate label, DGK, and with Surfriders’ Foundation, one of the most coolest pieces with the most substantial presence has to be the G-Shock Ultimate Tough GX56. The GX56 is based on the classic DW5600, but it is the largest design in G-Shock history and nearly twice as large as the DW5600. And guess what? The new spokesperson to unveil the GX56 at Shock The World 2010 was Los Angeles’ Lakers’ forward, Lamar Odom, who does need a watch to match his imposing 6′10 frame.

In terms of new colorways, the shiny Opal Face GLS5600 is a sparkly twin of the classic DW5600, with an iridescent band and a ring of opal, rainbow shine around the face. Staying on theme with the classics, the DW6900 has also received an opulent treatment with a reflective, mirrored finish on the face, paired with colorful metallic watch bands.

Last but not least, keeping the surfers in mind, G-Shock debuts the new G-LIDE series which features every possible function a rider can ask for– self-charging, Tough Solar Power, self-adjusting multi-band time 6 atomic timekeeping, shock resistance, water resistance, world time, multi-function alarm and more.

Check out the upcoming G-Shock models to hit retailers and racks soon, and stay tuned for more Casio timepiece news to follow!


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Incipio Linq keeps the iPod nano watch craze going with $25 ‘carrying solution’

Did you find the iLoveHandles iPod nano wrist strap a little bit too restrained? Never fear, Incipio has served up this new Linq case, which swells up the 6th-gen nano with an ostentatiously rugged shell, a velcro strap, and a couple of daring new color options. Whether you’re a fan of baby pink or macho blue, there will be a Linq… just for you. Damn, you can build a whole advertising campaign around that. Anyhow, this new take on the iWatch concept will be available early next month for $25 with additional straps setting you back another $10. Or you can just buy a real watch — the choice, as always, is yours.


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Seiko’s ‘active matrix’ E Ink watch will be on sale by end of 2010

It’s always good to see a concept, particularly one as appealing as Seiko’s “active matrix” E Ink watch, make it to retail product. The company’s had a thing for E Ink timepieces for a while  now, but what sets this new one apart is the supposed 180-degree viewing angle it affords — and, of course, those retro good looks do it no harm either. Then there’s also the radio-controlled movement, which receives its time from the nearest atomic clock, and the solar cells framing that electrophoretic display. All very nice and neat, but the best news is that it might (might!) be priced within reach of regular Joes and Vlads like us. We’ll know soon enough, a retail release is expected by the end of the year.


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