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Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Dive Watch

With a name like “Alterna,” you’d think there is something very alternative looking about these watches. There isn’t. Just another one of those soft sounding names that Citizen likes to give to their  sportier timepieces. My favorite so far is the “Atessa” watch. Which isn’t nearly as feminine  a watch as the name might suggest. Actually, the Atessa is a very powerful and durable timepiece. Citizen Alterna watches make up a really large family of timepieces, most of which aren’t available in the US. I wrote about another Citizen Alterna watch here a while back. If you Google Citizen Alterna, you’ll find a wide range of some really cool stuff. Problem is that non of them seem to fit a “family mold,” and you’ll be gouged a bit when buying them online as they are not officially for the US market. Also, the name “Citizen Alterna Pilot” doesn’t narrow this collection down completely, as there are other models with this same name. You’ll need to use the reference numbers which are: VO10-3831T, VO10-6833T, and VO10-6832T.

I have a feeling that this watch is gonna come to the US market. It is part of a series of Japanese watches by both Citizen and Seiko that are thematically similar to watches popularized by brands such as Sinn, and Bell & Ross. It has all the bits and pieces that make a watch popular in the US. Being easy to read, sporty, “activity themed,” and not very expensive. Not sure of the exact price yet, but from the Yen conversion, they would cost about $250-$300.

The Alterna Pilot comes in a series of colors (perhaps more than shown here), in an IP black or brushed steel case that is 42.5mm wide. The strap is Nylon, and is sort of a mix between a stand strap and a NATO strap with some contrast stitching. Very sport oriented, I like that. Crystal over the dial is mineral (OK for this price), and luminant is Citizen’s Lumibrite lume that comes in different colors. Case is water resistant to 100 meters. Movement is the Eco-Drive caliber 8637 quartz movement that is light powered. Very interesting choice on Citizen’s behalf to leave off the “Eco-Drive” label on the dial.

At first look the dial looks like it has a chronograph, but then you realize that those are an AM/PM (synced 24 hour hand) and calendar indicators (day/date). Some people are gonna like that, others simply aren’t. No chronograph is OK, but I would have gladly traded the day of the week indicator for a subsidiary seconds hand. Overall I really like the watches -though ideally I would want Citizen to offer a black case with white colored hands and numerals. The blue is quite compelling though. Hands are well rendered in the style they are trying to emulate, but are too short. An interesting design component is the crown. It looks like a interpretation on modernizing the turnip or onion style crown that classic mechanical aviator watches have.  For the price, these aren’t too bad, and might end up at your local Citizen retailer soon. Otherwise look online.


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Seiko Ananta Automatic Chronograph Titanium Watch

This is the mechanical Seiko sport watch to own in 2010. Representing the purely mechanical - versus Spring Drive - movement based Ananta watches in the US, this new for 2010 Automatic Chronograph ref. SRQ009 in titanium. When I first saw this watch I was pretty sure that it was going to be a limited edition, but it isn’t. The titanium Ananta automatic will be part of the regular collection - offering a super sporty version of Seiko’s high-end world market automatic. I was able to get my hands on it and check it out, you can see an image of it here where it is looking pretty sexy. I can say that it is pretty nice - and a carbon fiber dial watch that I like!

Speaking of carbon fiber, many of you know that I am not so fond of the material for dials a lot of the time. Often because the look of carbon fiber can make a dial hard to read. Here however, the tighter woven look of it is topped with proper dials, and those famous Ananta diamond polished hands. Lume is placed on the hands and hour markers, making for a very easy to read, symmetrical, and attractive dial. I quite like the insertion of the white seconds marker ring as part of the flange that helps break up the black tones. The sapphire crystal also has a lot of AR coating - so seeing the dial is really a breeze.

This is one of two new titanium Seiko Ananta watches for 2010. The other model is an Ananta Spring Drive Chronograph GMT limited edition piece - which is considerably more expensive that this model. The titanium composition of the watch makes for a very light Ananta. At 46mm wide, this is one intensely light watch for its size (still 100 meters water resistant). Titanium makes for a good color tone as well with the darker, monochromatic tones of the dial. Conventional watch wisdom would have a touch of red, or some other color in the dial, but the all black and white tones look good here. The bezel (with a tachymeter scale), side of the case, pushers, and crown are in black.

Inside the watch is the Seiko Caliber 8R28 automatic mechanical movement with a column wheel and a vertical clutch. I wrote more about this movement and other Ananta watches with it here in another article on Seiko Ananta Automatic watches. A good high-end automatic movement hand-assembled in a really nice facility in Japan. I love the “two step” pushers for the chronograph that allow for very precise starting and stopping of the chronograph. While not a limited model, this Ananta Automatic in titanium with the carbon fiber dial will not be easy to find. Price in Europe is 3,900 euros - with the US price being around that (currency converted of course). Yes, the watch is expensive. But given the quality of the movement, the construction of the watch, and the functionality - you’d be better off comparing it to European chronograph watches instead of other Japanese ones.




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In4mation would like to introduce its Spring/Summer 2010 set of watches with a new G-Shock GLX-6900 model along with a In4mation Baby G-Shock. In4mation has taken a new approach with its design and focused its watches for more of a everyday use with subtle battleship grey’s with contrast hints throughout both watches. We decided to utilize the battleship grey colorway so the watch could worn on the daily in all conditions weather it be surfing , skating or just doing your thing . In4mation continues to establish its attention to detail and elevate its approach to design along side of G-shock’s superior technology.

These watches will be available worldwide in June 2010 at your certified Gshock Retailer.


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Two New MR-G G-Shocks: MRG-7600D-1AJF and MRG-7700B-1AJF

Casio has just unveiled two brand new MR-G G-Shocks for November release. Both are analog/digital models with the Tough MVT movement. They are each made of titanium with a DLC coating for extra protection. There’s AR sapphire crystals. The MRG-7600D-1AJF has a retail price of $1821 USD, and the MRG-7700B-1AJF is priced at $2,472 USD. The more expensive 7700 model also features titanium that’s been double hardened. They don’t look too exciting, but they have a lot to offer.


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Men In Burning Red GWF1000RD-4 Frogman and GW7900RD-4 Get US Release

Casio America has posted two new “Men In Burning Red” watches on their G-Shock product page. There’s been no official announcement yet, but this seems to be confirmation that these two limited editions will be available in US retail stores. The GWF-1000RD-4DR Frogman has a retail price of $750 USD. And the GW-7900RD-4DR is priced at $150. Looks for these to go on sale soon.



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Red & Bad DWX-100S-4V G-Lide G-Shock

Sjors has written a new 50Gs article on the DWX-100S-4V. This G-Shock is the export version with the 2023 module, instead of the 1978 module. This model features the Surftimer mode. It’s brightly colored and perfect for Halloween night adventures. Follow the link over for the full read.


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These Awesome Tron Watches Will Only Exist If You Want Them Enough

When there are so many actual Tron accessories that demand contempt, is it so much to ask for these kickass concept watches to become real? Fortunately, this time it’s within our power to make these happen. Solidarity, people. Here’s how.

Thse LED watches, designed by Scott Galloway, are currently up for vote over at Tokyo Flash, known proprietors of ridiculous timepieces. But this one’s not even that ridiculous! In addition to looking badder than badass, they’re also remarkably easy to read: the outer ring tells the minutes, the inner ring the hours. Simple.

So please, do your patriotic duty to make these happen in time for the holidays. I’ve got a few stockings to stuff, and I’d much rather do it with Tron watches than desk calendars


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Casio G-Shock GD-100 Is Easily The Brightest Kid In Its Class

Waaaay back in 1992 Timex introduced their first Ironman watch with electroluminescent Indiglo backlighting and the world of watch face illumination has never looked back. But even though it provides ample illumination for an LCD display (and perfectly stealthy illumination for use in a dark theater) I guess Casio figures there’s finally room for improvement. So their new G-Shock GD-100 models, which will be available at the end of September, feature a new LED backlighting system that’s 6 times brighter than your standard LED. Now I’m not sure who needs a watch that bright since the iPhone 4 has already taken over flashlight duties for a lot of us, but since the G-Shock line seems designed to handle any situation, I guess it’s nice to know it’s there.



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