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Diesel No Face

This unique watches is called Diesel No Face or the Diesel DZ 9044. This luxury watch is constructed from durable solid stainless steel with a bold black ion-plated finish and a matching black leather band, and is water resistant up to 10 ATM (about 330 feet).
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HM4 Thunderbolt - “Horological Machine”


Let’s get it out of the way.  The HM4 Thunderbolt is not a watch, it’s a “horological machine.”  Which just happens to be a fancy name for a watch.  A really, really elaborate watch.

Created by high-end purveyors of wrist candy, MB&F, it’s claimed to be the result of three intense years of development.  While that would sound too much for an ordinary watch, this  stunning timepiece is certainly anything but ordinary.

The HM4 Thunderbolt sports a 54 x 52 x 24 mm aviation-inspired case that looks like the unholy union of miniature jet turbines and some weird steampunk aesthetic.  With a mechanism consisting of 50 jewels and 311 individual components. The case is made from grade 5 titanium, with see-through sapphire glass sections that let you see all the mechanical wizardry that happens within.

It has its own kinetic charger, which stores up to 72 hours of standby power on the two mainspring barrels.  There are two dials along the side: one for the actual time and another showing how much power remains.   Strap is a hand-stitched calfskin creation (black), with a titanium and white gold buckle.

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Lamborghini Avenger Watch - Marko Petrovic

Automotive enthusiast and at the same time designer from Serbia Marko Petrovic created concet of unusual timepiece Avenger. Inspired by ultramodern angular super car, the Lamborghini Aventador, the Avenger watch also looks ultramodern. Signature black and orange of the Aventador, and complex engineering into a vertical tourbillion presented much in the same way as the car’s engine and transparent cover.
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Citizen xC Eco-Drive Duratect Sapphire Glass

Citizen xC Eco-Drive Duratect Sapphire Glass EW1640-17A



Strap : Synthetic Rubber Strap 

Case : Stainless Steel 

Glass : Sapphire Glass 

Water : Resistant Water Resistant to 10 bar 

Movement : Eco-Drive 



Date Display


Eco-Drive ( recharged by any light source, no need to change battery)

Insufficient Charge Warning Function

Made In Japan

Overcharge Prevention Function

 Case: (W×H×D):32.6×32.5×8.4(mm)


What is Duratect


Scratch-Resistant because of its Hardness 

Duratect is a revolutionary technology which involves a special treatment on existing materials like stainless steel or titanium to harden the surface. Applying this technique on stainless steel, we have achieved a hardness 3 to 4 times higher by penetrating carbon from the surface in order to distort the crystal of the metal. The result is a scratch-resistant hardness for daily use.


Shiny as Brand New

When you wear a watch over a long period of time, it sometimes becomes less shiny. It is caused by slight scratches. Your watch may have slight scratches from daily use without hitting with something hard or dropping it. By making it scratch-resistant, you can wear it while maintaining its polished look, thus your watch will appear good as brand new.


Various Designs

Duratect has a further advantage. It has an improved surface hardness while still keeping the characteristics of its original material. Therefore, you can have the design using the characteristic of stainless steel or titanium finishing. The surface is “hard”, but inside is soft.

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