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Casio Releases G-SHOCK Watch That Links to iPhone

Casio Releases G-SHOCK Watch That Links to iPhone

Introducing the Next Evolution of the Digital Watch: Now Bluetooth® v4.0 Compatible

GB-5600AB-1A, GB-5600AB-1, GB-5600AB-7, GB-6900AB-1, GB-6900AB-1B, GB-6900AB-2, GB-6900AB-5, GB-6900AB-7




New Generation G-SHOCK Links with iPhone
These new Bluetooth v4.0 enabled next-generation G-SHOCK models keep you informed of mail messages and phone calls that come in on your iPhone.
They use the latest low-power type near field communication technology to provide approximately two years of operation on a single coin type battery.
G-SHOCK engineering packs this advanced technology along with high luminosity LED illumination into a configuration that is highly shock resistant and water resistant up to 200 meters. This and much more adds a new level of value to modern timepieces.

iPhone Mobile Link Features

  • Notification of incoming calls and e-mails via the watch
  • Phone Finder function to enable iPhone alarm function from the watch
  • Warning vibration when the watch loses its connection to the iPhone
  • Time adjustment by synchronizing with time data received from the iPhone
  • Built-in tilt sensor to detect movement in the watch, while it is in power-saving mode, to automatically reconnect to the iPhone
  • Alert function* notifies users of updates on Facebook and Twitter
    * This feature is not available in some countries and is not supported under iOS 5.1.1
  • Supported iPhone (As of March 2013):
    iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1 / iOS 6.0.1 / iOS 6.0), iPhone 4S (iOS 6.1 / iOS 6.0.1 / iOS 6.0 / iOS 5.1.1)

* To enable connection with an iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, Casio “G-SHOCK+” application must be downloaded from the App Store.

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