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Casio Edifice Tough Solar Radio Multiband 6 Atomic Watch EQW-A1200DB-1ADR, EQWA1200DB

Casio Edifice Tough Solar Radio Multiband 6 Atomic Watch EQW-A1200DB-1ADR, EQWA1200DB

Smart Access
• Radio-controlled
• Can receive signals from six different transmitters around the globe.
• Compass
• 1/20-second chronograph
• Lap 10
• 5 independent motors for amazingly fast function switching
• World time
• 100-meter water resistance
• Stainless steel case and band
• Date display
• Day indicator
• EDIFICE logo stamped on the crown, back cover, and buckle

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Impact–Motivating Energy-Efficient Behavior Through Designs Ensure Energy Efficient Household Use

Carbon and Artefact, two world renowned consumer electronics developing farm has created a range of four product concepts aiming to provide an energy efficient solution of daily household requirements for a green and sustainable lifestyle. These concepts have made the smart-grid technology available to the consumer which is the most effective way to engage mass people saving energy.

The first concept is Impact Clock that helps you know your energy consumption history by making etches on the board by the hour hand, creating your day-to-day ‘energy fingerprint’ over time. Impact Fridge is the second concept features a green efficiency light bar that gets shorter as users keep the door open and cold air, in other words energy, is lost. After closing the door, as the fridge regains the energy inside, the light becomes longer slowly which can make users realize how much energy they are wasting by keeping the door open for long. Impact Dishwasher is the third innovative concept that is able to be activated from sleep mode with a simple touch of the users. It also features a green energy efficiency bar that can show which settings you may consider to remove to make the entire process energy efficient. Impact App has been designed for information thirsty people to deliver exact guidance and insight generated by the user’s contacts. Moreover, the App will enable users to control their Impact appliances remotely and share their achievements of reducing energy consumption to their friends and family.










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Puzzle Alarm Clock by Bitplay

Puzzle alarm clock allows you to play with time, well actually the alarm of your clock. Simply set the alarm by manipulating the numbers yourself, arrange each part to form the hours and minutes of your desired alarm time, pretty cool isn’t it? Puzzle alarm clock features an elegant wooden box with a front face that has four digits which are flush against the face. This clock turns an alarm icon light on to indicate if you have set the alarm correctly.




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Less is More : Minimalist Watch by Felix Runde


“Less is more”, this concept minimalist watch is definitely not the usual design we can often see from Tokyoflash, yet we love its minimalist and timeless design. The designer said that he always wanted to design a jewel-like clock, something elegant and functional. The main design elements are square and circular, there’s no other decoration except for the strap. Less is more watch uses 2 small LED with different brightness to indicate the hours and minutes.

Some other technical details information from the designer:

  • The battery takes place among the polished circle.
  • The LEDs are located under the rim, so it is a sunlight shielded area.
  • The LEDs are arranged downwards to the slope of the central panel, so that when the LEDs turn on, the dark area next to it creates a good contrast





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TIME-LINE Clock by You Haeyon


Do you think a conventional clock can be made simpler? Yes, TIME-LINE clock shows you how time can be simplified the way in which time is represented. It only uses one clock hand and a small LED light. We already have a wide variety of clocks from wall clocks, watches to pocket watches, this concept clock was based on the idea to make time simpler.

TIME-LINE clock features only an hour hand, liner without surrounding frame. A small LED light informs you about the minute. Everywhere this clock is located, its built-in GPS timer would automatically set the hour and minute to show the present time.



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Seiko Kinetic Green Face Genuine Leather Strap Watch SKA533P1


Seiko Kinetic Green Face Genuine Leather Strap Watch SKA533P1

Gender: Gents

Dial Colour: Green

Case : Material Stainless Steel

Strap type: Brown Color Genuine leather strap

Strap colour : Brown

Water resistance: 100 metres

Date AT 3 O’Clock position

Clasp type: Strap buckle

Movement: Kinetic

Case width approx.40mm

Case depth approx.11mm

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Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 “LaFerrari” Tourbillon Wristwatch


Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 “LaFerrari” Watch is 100% designed, developed and manufactured by Hublot. An exceptional watch that you can expect from Hublot as tribute to “LaFerrari”, if you are a Ferrari aficionado, then you would know that this car has achieved a historic record with its 50-day power reserve. This special edition watch also marks the watch with the most watchmaking components created by Hublot.

In technical and design terms, this watch has been developed entirely in parallel with the real car. It shares a number of common points and is able to feature no less than 637 components for its movement, which is also equipped with a Tourbillon and power reserve for approx. 50-days with its 11 barrels. These barrels are arranged beautifully in line just like a spinal column and interconnected to support each other.


The unique shape of Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 “LaFerrari” Watch looks like shaped sapphire crystal, it’s certainly represent the car’s outline also the open case-back made from black PVD titanium is a nice touch. You can set the time using the time-setting crown positioned under the case, perfectly integrated into the design which practically making it invisible.

Hours and minutes are displayed at the right side of the barrels, while the left indicating the power reserve. The red bars on both side remind you of Ferrari’s red signature. Truly exceptional watch which available only in 50 numbered pieces.



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Casio Edifice Chronograph Super Illuminator Thermometer Compass Sport Watch ERA-200DB-1A, ERA-200DB-1A

Casio Edifice ERA-200DB-1A


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Casio Edifice ERA-200DB-1A


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DIGITAL AUTOMATIC WATCH ?? Sparc MGS Watch Uses Your Wrist Movements to Activate Its Micro-Generator


SPARC MGS watch from Ventura is an automatic digital watch that takes advantage from the movements of your wrist. These movements activate a rotary mass which transmits the momentum to a micro-generator inside the watch thus producing electric energy to feed an optoelectronic time-module. The company claims that its MGS (Micro-Generator-System) has been developed to provide you with maximum performance, the transparent part at the top of watch face allows you to get a glimpse of mechanism, giving sophisticate characteristic to its overall appearance. There multiple functions in this watch, yet, you only need a single scroller to operate them, nice.



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Equinox Watch Design by Nuno Teixeira

Wrist watches have always been a luxurious item to purchase. Apart from serving its purpose, it adds up to the style and personality of a person. Owing to the recent trend, a Portugal based industrial designer Nuno Teixeira has developed a watch spectacularly built to enhance the looks and designs of wrist watches to the next era, called Equinox. If price doesn’t matter for you then this would be the best ever watch you could have. It represents the exact time when the sun is positioned directly over the equator. Its spherical displays give it a very elegant look.





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