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Dior Homme Chiffre Rouge D01 & D02 42mm Watches

In general we are not big fans of fashion brands creating watches. Most of the time it is not properly done and you pay exhorbitant prices for mediocre watches. Therefore we usually tend to stick to something more traditional when it comes to premium watches. But we always like the Dior Homme range. From a design perspective and also from a technical perspective the brand raised the bar concerning fashion brand watches.

Here we show you their new Chiffre Rouge D01 and D02 42mm watches. This is the first proper diving watch from the brand with lots of new features and an overall great execution. The details are also really nice, including the special closing clasp for the crown and the new bezel.

Take a more detailed look at the Dior Homme Chiffre Rouge D01 and D02 watches after the jump.

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Dior Automatic Chiffre Rouge C03


Dior Chiffre Rouge C03

— The Chiffre Rouge collection is enriched by a new black timekeeper, with moonphase, and equipped with a movement by Zenith.


The fashion world and more serious watch world have always had a difficult relationship. Only a very few brands have actually managed to be taken a little serious in the watch world, because a good watch is not supposed to be fashionable, but timeless. Ralph Lauren and Dior are among the few that have managed to bridge the two rather well. With the release of the Chiffre Rouge watch in 2004, the French brand has had a serious contender in the sporty luxury watch market. The most interesting new version of the watch is the Dior Chiffre Rouge C03 Moonphase. A nice and minimalist design, featuring a brushed steel case, leather crocodile strap, and a beautiful moonphase indication. We are usually not big fans of the moonphase complication, mostly because of the look, but Dior actually managed to give it a modern look. The chronograph is powered by a Zenith Elite movement. Limited to only 100 pieces globally, the watch goes for £5,990.



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