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This watch uses magnetic technology. The ball moves to and from across the face of the watch with the flow of the wearer’s arm movements, but as soon as the Abacus reaches a horizontal position, the ball moves as if by magic (magnetism) to the right point in time.


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SOND by VOID Watches


SOND™ by VOID Watches is a truly unique timekeeper. Injection molded in one single piece, the SOND™ has an innovative locking mechanism that uses the watch itself to secure the nylon watchband. This not only greatly reduces the number of moving parts but also creates an interesting contrast of colors and materials and makes the strap easy to change and adjust.

The SOND™ color system consists of three elements: The watch case, the watchband and the silicone fitting loops that hold the band in place. With eight colors available of each component we can create over 500 unique color combinations without any tools or training.

The watchband is delivered at raw length that fits even the biggest wrists and can easily be cut down to the perfect length. The battery has a lifetime of two years and can easily be exchanged using a coin to open the stainless steel battery hatch on the back of the watch.

The SOND™ is waterproofed to 3ATM (30m), it measures 38×44x11mm (WxHxT) and the nylon watchband is 22mm wide.


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