TIMEX T45581 Expedition E-Tide with Temp & Compass Silicone



TIMEX T45581 Expedition E-Tide with Temp & Compass Silicone Strap

For the more discerning Yachtsman these stylish watches bring technical sophistication and stylish case and distinctive design. The watch offers Luna tide prediction and temperature measurement displayed in an analogue format making a refreshing change from the usual digital counterparts and accurate electronic compass Due to the dial configuration these watches are quite large but none the less stylish 45mm width x 12mm thickness

The Timex Expedition E-Tide & Temp series is the latest in the E-Instruments family of high-performance timepieces. Using proprietary technology, a dedicated 4th hand alerts the user of tidal trend, or current air or water temperature with the push of a button.

Unique design provides a wealth of features ideal for sailing, walking fishing etc dependant on the selected mode the 3rd marker hand will show current tide, temperature (Local) or direction (Compass)



- Accurate electronic compass.

- Fourth hand compass needle (red points north)

- Declination adjustment scale.

- 2 way directional turning ring
Features a rotating ring that can be used to
determine your direction by using the position of
the sun and time of day.

- Temp mode °C & °F
This feature is an electronic thermometer that
displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Centigrade.
This is useful for fishing, hunting, skiing and other
outdoor activities.

- Tide track shows hours net top Tide (high or low)

- Indiglo night-light
The Indiglo night light uniformly light up the
surface of the watch dial using patented
electroluminescent lighting technology.

- Water resistant 100 meters.

- Quick-Date feature

- Silicone strap.

- Lug Length 16mm.

- Stainless Steel case material.

=== 1 Year Warranty ==

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