Ora (il) Legale by Denis Guidone


Milan 09: designer Denis Guidone will exhibit his clock ‘Ora (il)Legale’ next week at the Nzva Design store in Milan.


As the Italian name suggests, the clock’s two flat bases are a simple device to adjust the time for daylight saving.


When tilted, the clock’s simple graphic allows the time to move forward or back one hour.


The clock has one hand for both hours and minutes, and is produced by Nava Design.

The Ora ilLegale clock can be tilted on its base to set it forward one hour for summer time with a simple gesture.

  • essential graphic
  • one hand (hours and minutes)
  • minimal aesthetic

Material: wood
Colours: white, black
Dimension: diameter 18 cm x 6 cm
Quartz movement

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