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Model / Reference : Concept Watch - X-Watch - XW.C3
Material : Titanium and steel
Dial : Black
Strap : Black calf leather strap with rubbery aspect with titanium and black PVD triple blade folding clasp
Movement : One single reversible movement. Mechanical, self-winding movement manufactured by DeWitt
Complication : Tourbillon, skeleton chronograph, bi-retrograde hours and minutes, patented A.S.W device driven by peripheral oscillating rotor

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QUAD Watch Concept by Bell & Ross


Very different from the first one, here is the QUAD Watch Concept by Max Marzo for Bell & Ross. Just like its name suggests, this watch features 4 different areas that display hours, minutes, seconds and date. The main design was inspired by the impressive Porsche Panamera headlamps, it isolates the essential time telling in 4 different spheres. Modern contemporary timepiece, this could be a perfect addition to Bell & Ross timepiece collection.





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Less is More : Minimalist Watch by Felix Runde


“Less is more”, this concept minimalist watch is definitely not the usual design we can often see from Tokyoflash, yet we love its minimalist and timeless design. The designer said that he always wanted to design a jewel-like clock, something elegant and functional. The main design elements are square and circular, there’s no other decoration except for the strap. Less is more watch uses 2 small LED with different brightness to indicate the hours and minutes.

Some other technical details information from the designer:

  • The battery takes place among the polished circle.
  • The LEDs are located under the rim, so it is a sunlight shielded area.
  • The LEDs are arranged downwards to the slope of the central panel, so that when the LEDs turn on, the dark area next to it creates a good contrast





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Equinox Watch Design by Nuno Teixeira

Wrist watches have always been a luxurious item to purchase. Apart from serving its purpose, it adds up to the style and personality of a person. Owing to the recent trend, a Portugal based industrial designer Nuno Teixeira has developed a watch spectacularly built to enhance the looks and designs of wrist watches to the next era, called Equinox. If price doesn’t matter for you then this would be the best ever watch you could have. It represents the exact time when the sun is positioned directly over the equator. Its spherical displays give it a very elegant look.





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When Time is Safely Encapsulated

Safe Time is a concept watch that features a massive stainless steel case and a circular dial with titanium axis. Sharp milling and strictly functional (logic) design, are the key elements to the concept. Apparently the dials rotate instead of the hours and minutes hands; and this is how the time is displayed and read. The LED back-lit dials help in time reading. An exquisite design that redefines time telling!

Designer: Michal Nemček





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Volt LED watch contains Artificial Intelligence

Design by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: I was in the mood for a v-shaped display and sketched a lot for a watch that can carry one. It wasn’t easy to decide for a variant. In the end I kept it clean and simple.


I like the edginess of this concept watch, that could cause many different associations (sports cars, military aircrafts, space robots…)

I imagine a display consisting of a simple array of LEDs. Those could provide cool animations with special themes for each preference.


I really like when watches seem to have an a.i. I tried to find an easy yet a little alien style of numbers to tell the time. I took the popular 3×5 pixel numbers, modified them just a bit and obtained stylish and still recognizable numbers.

They look extra nice in the v-shaped display. As for the name, it HAD to start with a v. I chose “Volt” which is just perfect: short, crisp and full of energy.

This watch could behave in meetings or flip out on parties – it’s up to you. The clean look with a touch of boldness is a design statement for the not too distant future.


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Cartier Id One Concept Watch

The famous jewelry and watchmaker Cartier is extremely pleased to unveil its first timepiece, which requires no adjustment. Cartier Id One Concept Watch needs neither regulating the balance wheel screw, nor adjusting the balance spring or modifying its active length. It is also free from regulating the position of the paddles on the anchor.


The watch is set in a 46mm “Ballon Bleu”-style case – except in a very high tech and undoubtedly awesome material called “Niobium-Titanium”. Niobium-titanium, apart from looking great is a highly wear resistant alloy that has its own unique shock absorption properties that give it an advantage over a material such as steel.


The breakthrough innovation of Cartier ID One lies in that it stands for a brand new concept of future watches – watches that do not require any adjustment or regulation during production and even the whole life of the watch. As we know that due to gravity and the unstable nature of metal, mechnical watches have to be adjusted during the assembly process, such as the hairspring, the ballence and the pallet fork. Cartier has come up with inniovative solution to address this problems.


There are couple innovation to make the Cartier ID One free from adjustment. The first one is called ‘Zerodur hairspring’. Zerodur is a patented ceramic/glass material that is extremely stable under magnetic fields and a wide range of temperatures. Set with 17 rubies, the movement is composed of 177 individual parts and features the dimensions of 36,8 mm x 6,12 mm: the diameter and thickness are indicated respectively. This model movement is fitted with a double barrel, offering a 52-hour power reserve.

Second, Cartier has has introduced a balance wheel, escape wheel and lever in Carbon Crystal, which is a diamond-like material that can enable the escapement to be oil free effectively. Thirdly, a shock resistant escapement cage that can shift laterally and vertically is created inside the ID Once to absorb force and protect the entire escapement from shock.

Just like other concept product, the Cartier ID One concept watch is not for commercial sale. But we do expect Cartier to put it into production in the future. As our previous post shows, the Tag Heuer Monaco V4 concept watch takes about 5 year to be put into commercial production, so it will probably take us a few years to see the commercial version of Cartier ID One.

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Inkblot Inspired E-Ink Watch

The Rorschach inkblot test is famous for gauging one’s perception and imagination so designer Samuel Jerichow decided to use it tell time. The Rorschach watch has an e-ink display that generates inkblots to tell time. It’s a little difficult to read but once your eye is trained to recognize the patterns, it should become second nature. Hit the jump for the animations!


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The Dog Tag Nooka

The thing about Nooka watches is that they are constantly evolving and setting new trends in the way people wear their timepieces and read time. Using this as an inspiration, we have here the Xon, a kitsch version of how we can carry our Nooka: with keys, carabiner, dog tags, lanyard, necklace and more! Superb fun!

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Unofficial Nooka Concept and We Like It

Whenever a concept comes into our box, I can usually make a quick decision as to whether or not it’ll make it to the blog by giving it a once-over. But when it’s a concept inspired by and designed for an international brand, my immediate response will either be harsh or laboriously complimentary. Fortunately this concept falls into the latter. I know Nooka and its head henchman Matt Waldman so I can say with certainty, this concept watch takes the Nooka DNA and twists it into something new. Kudos.

Nooka is a dichotomy with their minimalist aesthetics accompanied by some of the most complicated time faces. It’s a place where art, design and logic meet. If you don’t have an affinity for at least two of those pre-requisites, you’re never going to understand Nooka. Designer Mario Troise does. This watch is minimalist, elegant, futuristic, easy to make and forces you to think of time yet in another visual way – this time made of up twelve boxes each made of up single pixels. Love or hate, I think it’s definitely Nooka.


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