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The Clock Clock by humans since 1982


Swedish designers Humans since 1982have created a digital clock made of 24 analogue clocks, which spell out the time with their hands.


The designers have also developed a typeface derived from letter forms created by banks of clocks.



The prototype Clock Clock will be exhibited at the Rhosska design museum in Göteborg from June till mid August 2009.


Here’s some text from humans since 1982:

we are designstudents at HDK Göteborg in Sweden and gathered under the name “humans since 1982″.


After having successfully launched our “Surveillance Light” and our lounger “Celebrating the cross 1″ we now developed a prototype of a wall clock: we call it “The clock clock”. Hereby 24 manual alarm clocks show the time in a digital manner.


We also have developed a typefont on this basis. This prototype will be shown at Rhösska design-museum in Göteborg from june till mid of august 2009.

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Handcuffs watch

Although handcuffs aren’t a good thing for most people, you might like this handcuff-shaped watch.




Designer: Luis Berumen

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TIWE OLED Concept Watch



TIWE is an OLED watch.The white round dots run randomly ,When you want to know what’s the time,just shake it or hit the glass surface slightly.


Inspired from the impressionistic memories of my childhood,The Starry Starry Night,It’s fantastic and supernatural,So is the TIME,also the SPACE.

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Vain Transparent Watch

Display time on your skin with Vain watch design by Tao Ma.





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·         Unisex watch

·         1 year warranty

·         Stainless steel cover

·         Water Resistant

·         3ATM Brass metal case

·         PU rubber strap

·         Double locking clasp

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Heartbeat LED watch


Confusing watches are not new to us. Here comes the Heartbeat LED watch which also uses unusual way to tell time. The LED display of this watch is made to look like a little heartbeat monitor, but it doesn’t have the ability to measure your heartbeat.


When you take a glance at the watch, it is definitely hard to tell what time it is. By taking a closer look, you’ll also have problem to interpret the time. The Heartbeat LED watch has a button that allows you to display the time for a few seconds.


You can also get the LED display to light up at all times as it has built-in resuscitation capability. But, doing so, the power of the watch can only last for 24 hours. But you can recharge the watch via the computer’s USB port. A recharge for 1-2 hours will let the watch to have its display staying on for 24 hours only. If you just get the LED display to light up on demand, then it shall be able to last for several months on a single charge.

The heartbeat watch comes in two styles available, which are the black and brushed stainless versions, with a choice of either a green or red LED display. The little inconvenience is you need to charge the watch when its internal battery runs out.

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Clock by Christiaan Postma


Clock by Christiaan Postma consists of more than 150 synchronised clock mechanisms, which rotate metal bars that briefly align to spell the appropriate time.


“The word “three” completely appears when it’s exactly 3 o’clock and will then transform again as time passes. The word “four” begins to appear and at exactly 4 o’clock the word “four” is clearly visible. The word “three” is by then totally vanished and no longer readable.”

The clock measures 140 x 140 cm.


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Marc Owens’ Receipt Clock


Post-graduate student Marc Owens has designed a faceless clock that prints the time and date on a paper receipt.

The Receipt Clock takes the form of a wall-mounted machine with a single button which, when pressed, prints on paper from a roll and delivers the receipt through a slot.


The user then tears off the receipt, which also has a series of printed lines that can be used to write messages relevant to the particular moment.


“Whether it be on a bus ticket, auto bank statement or shop receipt, the presence of the printed time and date are all consistently featured,” Owens says. “I am interested in how this documentation of a specific time and date can be applied to time keeping generally. This product allows for a more private interaction with time.”


The clock shown here is a prototype; Owens says the first complete version will be ready in the next few weeks.

Owens is currently studying the Design Products course at the Royal College of Art in London.

His OCD Light Switch (below), which records the number of times it has been switched on and off as an aid to people with obsessive compulsive disorder, was one of the highlights of the New Designers showcase of graduate design work.


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Ora Ameba designed by Denis Guidone


Ora Ameba (below) shows only the tips of the watch hands.

The hands have no centre. They are the opposite of those on a normal watch. Amoeba because the fact that there is no centre refers to the contemporary city, which has multiple centres. The centre becomes imaginary or metaphorical, or a cultural centre, an economical centre, a historical centre.

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Ora Vago designed by Denis Guidone


Ora Vago (above) is meant to resemble the hands of a compass.

The hands resemble those of a compass. We are talking about being disoriented, about losing yourself in a contemporary city with the resulting sense of insecurity. The image is that of an imprecise compass.


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